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LEAP and Lansing Regional SmartZone Announce Results of Fund Your Acceleration Program

Program Designed to Propel High-Tech Companies in Greater Lansing Region

Lansing, Mich. (Jan. 19, 2024) — The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) and the Lansing Regional SmartZone, in collaboration with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), and the MSU Research Foundation, proudly announce the results of the “Fund Your Acceleration” program. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to foster innovation and accelerate the growth of high-tech companies in the greater Lansing region through the deployment of substantial grant funds.

In the current calendar year, the program has successfully deployed an impressive $200,000 to fuel the growth of key high-tech enterprises in the region including the formation of 6 new companies. Among the notable recipients are:

  • CavGene Therapeutics
  • Creative Visions
  • Interjad
  • LaparAssist
  • LocalEco
  • MotMot Cybernetics
  • NE1 Plays
  • NHE Health
  • Samani Bag
  • Sumaq Life
  • Stunio
  • SCOPS Coating
  • Targets Tip
  • Total Reentry Solutions
  • Translational Osteosynthesis
  • ZettaVue

The “Fund Your Acceleration” program represents a concerted effort amongst the Lansing region’s partners to increase the ease of access to both local and statewide grant funds for a wider and more diverse group of companies. The funds, which can be accessed include LEAP’s Business Accelerator Funds (BAF) which is a program statewide administered by the MEDC and SBDC of Michigan and the Local Accelerator Funds (LAF) which is funded and administered by the Lansing Regional SmartZone.

These funds can be used to pay for services on behalf of startups in our region. Services include legal support for incorporation, patents, and investment planning. Marketing services such as website design and market research are also included. There are other services that can help move companies along their startup journey faster and de-risk their ventures for future investment and growth. The service providers for these grants must be Michigan-based and through the program, LEAP and SmartZone staff will work to identify local service providers who meet the needs of the startups. “This serves as a win-win for our business community where local dollars are going to local service firms to support the growth of high-tech industry here in the region,” said Mikhail Murshak, senior attorney at Foster Swift Collins & Smith PCwhich is a local law firm that conducts much of the legal support for the high-tech businesses in our region.

The Fund Your Acceleration Program not only makes it easier for businesses to access these critical grants but also provides mentorship and peer-to-peer learning to help accelerate the growth of tech startups in our region. 

These companies represent a diverse range of industries, showcasing the versatility and innovation present in the greater Lansing region. The “Fund Your Acceleration” program underscores the commitment of LEAP, Lansing Regional SmartZone, SBDC, MEDC, and the MSU Research Foundation to provide targeted support to companies that are driving technological advancements and economic development.

Speaking about the program, Bob Trezise, president and CEO of LEAP, expressed enthusiasm for the positive impact the initiative is expected to have on the local high-tech ecosystem. “The Fund Your Acceleration program is a testament to our collective dedication to fostering innovation and growth in the greater Lansing region. By strategically deploying grant funds, we aim to catalyze the development of high-tech companies that will contribute to the economic prosperity of our community.”

The collaborative nature of this program brings together the expertise and resources of key organizations to create a comprehensive support system for high-tech businesses. The involvement of the Small Business Development Center and the MSU Research Foundation ensures that participating companies receive not only financial support but also valuable guidance and mentorship.

As the “Fund Your Acceleration” program gains momentum, it is poised to become a cornerstone in the region’s efforts to cultivate a thriving and dynamic technology-driven economy. The success of the program will not only be measured in financial terms but in the lasting impact it has on the growth, sustainability, and innovation of high-tech companies in the greater Lansing area. Next year with the launch of the TREK Hub (Tri-County Resources for Entrepreneurs and Knowledge Hub) there will be a mirror program to the Fund Your Acceleration for main street and non-tech businesses.

For more information about the Fund Your Acceleration program, please visit the Lansing Regional SmartZone’s website.